VOL. 206
List of Illustrations
I. The Combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen in Contact with Hot Surfaces. By WILLIAM ARTHUR BONE, Ph. D., D. Sc., F.R.S., late Bishop Berkeley Fellow of Queens College, Manchester, and Fellow of Victoria University, and RICHARD VERNON WHEELER, B. Sc., Dalton Scholar and Fellow of Manchester Univesity
II. On the Periodicities of Sunspots. By ARTHUR SCHUSTER, F.R.S.
III. Ionic Size in Relation to the Physical Properties of Aqueous Solutions. By W. R. BOUSFIELD, M. A., K.C. Communicated by Professor LARMOR See. R.S.
IV. On the Figure and Stability of a Liquid Satellite. By Sir G. H. DARWIN, K.C.B. F.R.S., Plumian Professor and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge
V. The Asymptotic Expansion of Integral Functions defined by TAYLOR'S Series By E. W. BARNES, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Communited by Professor A. R. FORSYTH, Sc.D., LL.D., F.R.S.
VI. A Discussion of Atmospheric Electric Potential Results at Kew from Selected Days during the Seven Years 1898 to 1904. By C. CHREE. Sc.D., LL.D., F.R.S. (From the National Physical Laboratory)
VII. Galvanic Cells Produced by the Action of Light. The Chemical Statics and Dynamics of Reversible and Irrevesible Systems under the Influence of Light (Second Communication.) By MEYER WILDERMAN, Ph.D., B.Sc. O.con.). Communicated by. Dr LUDWIG MOND, F.R.S.
VIII. Determination of Wave-length from Spectra Obtained at the Total Solar Eclipses of 1900, 1901 and 1905. By Professor F. W. DYSON, M.A., F.R.S., Astronomer Royal for Scotland Professor of Astronomy in the University of Edinburgh. (Member of the Expeditions from the Royal Observatory Greenwich)
IX. Researches on Explosives - Part IV. By Sir ANDREW NOBLE, Bart., K.C.B., D.Sc. (O.con.), D.C.L., F.R.S.
X. On the Osmotic Pressures of some Concentrated Aqueous Solutions. By the EARL OF BERKELEY and E. G. J. HARTLEY, B.A. (O.con.). Communicated by W.C.D. WHETHAM, M.A., F.R.S.
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