VOL. 198.
List of Illustrations
I. On the Tempering of Iron Hardened by Overstrain. By JAMES MUIR, B.Sc., B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge (1851 Exhibition Research Scholar, Glasgow University). Communicated by Professor EWING, F.R.S.
II. The Measurement of Magnetic Hysteresis. By G. F. C. SEARLE, M.A., Peterhouse, University Lecturer in Physics, and T. G. BEDFORD, M.A., Sidney Sussex College, Demonstrators at the Carendish Laboratory, Cambridge. Communicated by Professor J. J. THOMSON, F.R.S.
III. The Measurement of Ionic Velocities in Aqueous Solution, and the Existence of Complex Ions. By B. D. STEELE, B.Sc., 1851 Exhibition Scholar (Melbourne). Communicated by Professor RAMSAY, F.R.S.
IV. On the Elastic Equilibrium of Circular Cylinders under Certain Practical Systems of Load. By L. N. G. FILON, M.A., B.Sc., Research Student of King's College, Cambridge; Fellow of University College, London; 1851 Exhibition Science Research Scholar. Communicated by Professor EWING, F.R.S.
V. On the Mathematical Theory of Errors of Judgment, with Special Reference to the Personal Equation. By KARL PEARSON, F.R.S., University College, London
VI. On the pear-shaped Figure of Equilibrium of a Rotating Mass of Liquid. By G. H. DARWIN, F.R.S., Plumian Professor and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge
VII. Sur la Stabilité de l'Équilibre des Figures Pyriformes affectées par une Masse Fluide en Rotation. By H. POINCARÉ, Foreign Member R.S.
VIII. Total Eclipse of the Sun, May 28, 1900. Account of the Observations made by the Solar Physics Observatory Eclipse Expedition and the Officers and Men of H.M.S. "Theseus," at Santa Pola, Spain. By Sir NORMAN LOCKYER, K.C.B., F.R.S., and others
IX. BAKERIAN LECTURE. - On the Law of the Pressure of Gases between 75 and 150 Millimetres of Mercury. By Lord RAYLEIGH, F.R.S.
X. A Determination of the Value of the Earth's Magnetic Field in International Units, and a Comparison of the Results with the Values given by the Kew Observatory Standard Instruments. By WILLIAM WATSON, A.R.C.S., B.Sc., F.R.S., Assistant Professor of Physics at the Royal College of Science, London
XI. The Density and Coefficient of Cubical Expansion of Ice. By J. H. VINCENT, D.Sc. B.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. Communicated by Professor J. J. THOMSON, F.R.S.
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