OF VOL. 157.
I. Discussion of Tide Observations at Bristol. By T. G. BUNT, Bristol. Communicated by the Astronomer Royal
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II. A Supplementary Memoir on Caustics. By A. CAYLEY, F.R.S.
III. On the Muscular Arrangements of the Bladder and Prostate, and the manner in which the Ureters and Urethra are closed. By JAMES BELL PETTIGREW, M.D. Edin, First Assistant in the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Communicated by Dr. SHARPEY, Sec. R.S.
IV. On the Dynamïcal Theory of Gases. By J. CLERK MAXWELL, F.R.S. L. & E.
V. Experimental Researches in Magnetism and Electricity. By H. WILDE, Esq. Communicated by Dr. FARADAY
VI. On the Anatomy of the Fovea Centralis of the Human Retina. By J. W. HULME, F.R.C.S, Assistant Surgeon to the Middlesex and Royal London Ophthalmic Hospitals. Communicated by WILLIAM BOWMAN, F.R.S.
VII. On the Laws of Connexion between the Conditions of a Chemical Change and its Amount. By A. VERNON HARCOURT, M.A., Student of Christ Church, and Demonstrator of Chemistry in the University of Oxford, and WILLIAM ESSON, M.A., Fellow of Merton College, Oxford. Communicated by Sir B. C. BRODIE, Bart., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry in the University of Oxford
VIII. Account of Experiments on Torsion and Flexure for the Determination of Rigidities. By JOSEPH D. EVERETT, D.C.L., Assistant to the Professor of Mathematics in the University of Glasgow. Communicated by Sir WILLIAM THOMSON, F.R.S.
IX. On the Structure of the Optic Lobes of the Cuttle-fish. By J. LOCKHART CLARKE, F.R.S., & c.
X. Abstract of the Results of the Comparisons of the Standards of Length of England, France, Belgium, Prussia, Russia, India, Australia, made at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton. By Captain A. R. CLARKE, R.E., F.R.S., & c., under the Direction of Colonel Sir HENRY JAMES, R.E., F.R.S., & c., Director of the Ordnance Survey. With a Preface by Colonel Sir HENRY JAMES, R.E., F.R.S., & c.
XI. THE BAKERIAN LECTURE. - Researches on Gun-cotton. - Second Memoir. On the Stability of Gun-cotton. By F.A. ABEL., F.R.S., V.P.C.S.
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XII. On the Orders and Genera of Ternary Quadratic Forms. By HENRY J. STEPHEN SMITH, M.A., F.R.S., Savilian Professor of Geometry in the University of Oxford
XIII. On the Appendicular Skeleton of the Primates. By ST. GEORGE MIVART, F.L.S., Lecturer on Comparative Anatomy at St. Mary's Hospital. Communicated by Professor HUXLEY, F.R.S.
XIV. Observations on the Ovum of Osseous Fishes. By W. H. RANSOM, M.D. Communicated by Dr. SHARPEY, Sec. R.S.
XV. On the Lunar-diurnal Variation of the Magnetic Declination, with special regard to the Moon's Declination. By G. NEUMAYER. Communicated by the President
XVI. An Eighth Memoir on Quantics. By A. CAYLEY, F.R.S.
XVI. On the Chemical Intensity of Total Daylight at Kew and Pará, 1865, 1866, and 1867. By HENRY E. ROSCOE, F.R.S.
XVIII. THE CROONIAN LECTURE. - On the Influence exercised by the Movements of Respiration on the Circulation of the Blood. By J. BURDON SANDERSON, M.D., F.R.C.P. Communicated by Dr. SHARPEY, Sec. R.S.
XIX. Contribution to the Anatomy of Hatteria (Rhynchocephalus, OWEN). By ALBERT GÜNTHER, M.A., Ph.D., M.D. Communicated by Professor OWEN, F.R.S.
XX. On the Development and Succession of the Teeth in the Marsupialia. By WILLIAM HENRY FLOWER, F.R.S., F.R.C.S., &c., Conservator of the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England
XXI. On the Genera Heterophyllia, Battersbyia, Palaeocyclus, and Asterosmilia; the Anatomy of their Species, and their Position in the classification of the Sclerodermic Zoantharia. By P. MARTIN DUNCAN, F.G.S., Secretary to the Geological Society Communicated by Professor HUXLEY, F.R.S.
XXII. Researches into the Chemical Constitution of Narcotine, and of its Products of Decomposition. - Part II. By A. MATTHIESSEN, F.R.S., Lecturer on Chemistry in St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, and G.C. FOSTER, B.A., Professor of Physics in University College, London