The INDEX for this Seventh Volume of the Year 1972
The first figure refers to the Number of the Tracts; the second, to the Page.
Note the Primers Erratum in the account of Pages by a transit from pag. 4059 to 5000.
which begins near the en of Num. 84 and holds on all along.
THE AEquation of time, or the natural day. See Flamsteds diatriba,
AErther together with air, represented by M. Hugenius, as the cause of the Mercuries being suspended at an extraordinary height in the Torricellian Experiment.
Examined by Dr. Wallis, whether satisfying.
White Amber found in a lake, a ghess at the cause of it.
Anatome, Keckringius of Eggs, to be found in all sorts of Females. 81.4018. An humane Embrio of few daies old, in effigie, 81.4018. Reflexions on the same by Mr. Denys, 81.4018. De Graaf on the same, 81.4018. Sec more in Books. A Communication betwzeen the Dultus Thoracicus and the inferior vena cava pretended to be found by Monsieur Pecquet, Examined by Dr. Needham. 85.5007. A Stone cut from under the tongue of a man, and how' riconceiv'd it was generated. 83.4062. A Stone found in the bladder of a dogg. Another fastned to the back of a horse, 84.4094. the Structure of the Lungs by Mr. Tempier. 86.5031. Or veins in Plants Juyces in them analogous to blood, and something analogous to sence.
n. 90. p. 5731.
Animated Horle-hairs questioned, and examined.
Artificial Instruments. A new kind of Reflecting Telescope invented by Mr. Newton, 81.4004. More concerning it, 82.4032. with a Table of Apertures, and Charges, 82.4032. This Telescope defended against objections, 82.4032. Mr. Cassegraines pretended improvement examined by the same, 83.4063. Other Telescopes and Microscopes, 87.5064. See Light. The Ancient Lyra viol: How to be used.
Astronomy: The Phaenomena of Spots appearing in Jupiter explicated by Sig. Cassini, and thence the period of his Rotation ascertain'd, and other considerable uses proposed, 82.4039. Jupiters Transit near two fixed Stars by Mr. Flamstead. 82.4036; an Appulse of the Moon to the Pleiades by the same, 86.5034. A regress of Jupiter to the Fixt Star of W , 86.5034. An observation of Mars, and his Transit by certain fixed Stars, 86.5034 Appulses of the Moon and other Planets to fixed Stars, calculated by the same for the year 1673, 89.5118. with another observation of Mars, 89.5118. The admirable Changes, and other Novelties in the erven and fixed Stars? See Books, Academici di Bologna & Moctanari. A Comet seen March and April, 1672, by Monsieur Hevelius at Dantzic, 81.4017. The appearance in effigie and the motions, 81.4017. The motions observed by Sign. Cassini at Paris. 82.4042. The Comet seen also at la Flesche In France,
The Bathes of Aponus in Italy described.
BOOKS abbreviated, or partly extracted.
The Academy in Germany, Miscellanea Curiosa, Annus Secundus 1671.
n. 85 p. 5024
Academici di Bologna.
Paul Berbette his Chirurgical and Anatomical works, with a treatise of the Plague.
Joh. Birchensha Esq; Syntagma Musicum, a treatise of Music, Philosophically, Mathematically, and Practically consider'd, prepared for the Press.
Mr. Bohum; of the origin and properties of Winds in several places on the Seas and Land.
Dr. Edw. Bolnest his Rational way of preparing Animals, Vegetables, and Minerals, for Physical uses.
Robert Boyle Esq, his Essay about the Origin and vertues of Gems.
now rendred into Latin. n. 87
Hen Burnet M. D. Thesaurus Medicinae Practicae, 88.5105. Alphabetical.
Sign. Cassini's three Letters concerning his hypothesis of the Suns motion, and his doctrine of Refraction.
Moyse Charas Suite des nouvelles experiences sur la Vipere, avec une dissertation sur son Venin.
Caroli Claromontii M. D. De Aere, Solo, & Aquis Angl, deq, morbis ipsorum vernacuculis, dissertatio, nec non observationes medicae Cambro-Britannicae.
Fr. Drope; A short and sure guide in the practise of raining and ordering Fruit-trees.
Christ. Frid. Germanni Homo ex Ovo.
Fran. Glissonius M. D. De Natura Substantiae energeticâ, sive de vitâ Naturae, cjusq; tribus primis facultatibus, perceptivâ, appetitivâ & motivâ.
Regneri de Graaf, de Mullerum organis generationi inservientibus, Tractatus novus.
Ottonis de Gueric Experimenta nova Magdeburgica de vacuo spatio.
Joh. Baptista du Hamel, de Mente humanâ.
Nath. Hodges M. D. Pestis nuperae Londini narratio historica.
Horroccii Angli Opera pouhuma unà cum Guil. Crabtraes Observionibus Coelestibus; nec non Jo Flamstedii de Temporis AEquatione diatriba. Numerisq; Lunaribusad novum Lunae systema. Horroccii.
Gregoire Hures, Optiq, de la Portraiture & Peinture contenant la prespective speculative & practique accomplie, &c.
W. Hughes. The American Physician: A treatise of Roots, Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Fruits, Herbs, &c. growing in the English Plantations in America.
John Josseline. New Englands Rarities, with the Remedies used by the Natives to cure their diseases, wounds and fore.
Mr. Kersey's Body of Algebra in the Press.
Mr. Lewis of int'rpunction, or the right pointing of any Oration.
sign. Marcelli Malpighi de formatione Pulli in Ovo, dissertatio Epistolica.
Alex. Marehetti de resistentia Solidorum.
Lux Mathematica collisionibus Joh. Wallisu & Tho Hobbesii excusta. 86.5047. Answered,
Moctanari concerning the admirable Changes, and other Novelties observed in the heavens and fixed Stars. 89.5125 Supra, Bologna. Rob. Morisoni Plantarum umbelliferarum distributio nova per Tabulas cognationis & affinitatis, Ex libro naturae observata & detecta.
Pilgu, Gaston. Pardies de la cognoisance des Bestes,
Deux Machines propres à faire les Quadrans avec tres grande facilité.
Dr. Pells Tabulae decies Millium quadratorum numerorum unâ cum ipsorum lateribus ab unitate incipientibus, & ordine naturali usque ad 10000 progredientibus.
Dr. Sharrok's History of the propagation and improvement of Vegetables by the concurrence of Art and Nature.
Dr. Sherley M. D. A philosophical Essay declaring the probable causes of Stones in the greater world, in order to find out the causes and cures of the Stone in the Kidneys and Bladder of Men.
Joh. Swammerda M. D. Uteri muliebris fabrica unà cum methodo nova cavitates corporis ita praeparandi ut suam semper genuinum faciem servent.
Monsieur Thevenot des divers Voyages curieux; 4 partie,
fol. 89.5128.
Georg. Tonstal M. D. Scarborough Spaw Spagyrically anatomized.
Bern. Varenii M. D. Geograph. Generalis, emendata, aucta & illustrata ab Is. Newton, è Sec. Regia.
Tho. Willis M. D. de anima Brutorum Exercitationes duae, altera physiologica, altera Pathologica.
CHymistry. The great use of Digestion, fermentation, Triture or grinding in Chymistry; exquisitely performed; directed in Effigie, and by Experiments.
See Books Bolnest.
Colours, See Light.
Crystal; the formation of it discussed.
AStrange Frost destroying Trees near Bristol; Prognosticks, remedies and preventions of Dearths proposed. Advertisements for ingeniou Kalendariographers. 90.5138. Gravity. De Centro Gravitatis hyperbolae, by Dr Wallis.
KErmes found in England, and Chochineil conceived to be a kind of Kermes.
The Lake Lemaine of Geneva and the River Rhosne runing through it, accurately described. Huge Trouts and huge Pikes.
Light. The flesh of Veal and of a Pullet shining very vividly before any sensible putresaction, observed and accurately described by the Honourable Robert Boyle, 89.5107. Mr. Newton continues his own former Theories concerning Light and Colours. 83.4059. Defends it against P. Paraies, 84.0491. More 85.5014. Propeseth a Set of Quaere's concerning them, 85.5004. Explicates, enlargeth, and defends them.
MAthematicks. A breviate concerning Dr. Wallis's two methods of Tangents, 81.4010. See more in Books: Monsieur Slusius his short and Easy method of drawing Tangents to all Geometrical Curves without any labour of Calculation.
A peculiar kind of Melbroome in England yeilding a milky Juice not to be endured upon our tongues.
PHilosophy and Philosophers highly celebrated of old; Praet.
The dispatching Poison of a Green substance cast up from an Inland Sea or Lake near Dantzic, though the water be Limpid, pure, and wholsome for man and beasts, and fifties, 83.4069. The manner how the biting of Vipers doth poison, examined accurately by a Colledge of Philosophers in Italy, 87.5060. yet still the event appears otherwise to Monsieur Charas in all his Experiments. See Books.
The Union of the Seas in France how far advanced.
The story of the Tarantula's biting to be cured by peculiar. Mulic and dancing, Examined in Calabria the proper place, and there suspected to be fabulous.